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TE CONNECTIVITY 830M1 Triaxial Condition Monitoring Accelerometer | New Product Brief

January 12, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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TE CONNECTIVITY 830M1 Triaxial Condition Monitoring Accelerometer

TE Connectivity's 830M1 triaxial condition monitoring accelerometers are low-cost, board mountable accelerometers that are designed for embedded condition monitoring and preventive maintenance applications.

TE's 830M1 accelerometers are piezoelectric devices available in ranges from ±25g to ±2000g and feature a flat frequency response up to 15kHz in all three axes.

The accelerometers feature three independent stable piezoceramic crystals in shear mode with low-power electronics, sealed in a fully hermetic LCC package.

A Resistance Temperature Detector temperature sensor is included inside the LCC package should the intended application require both a vibration and temperature sensor signal.

These devices are designed and qualified for machine health monitoring, predictive maintenance installations, embedded vibration monitoring, data loggers and more and have a superior resolution, dynamic range, and bandwidth compared to MEMS devices.

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