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TE Connectivity AMPMODU 1.0mm Centerline Interconnect System | New Product Brief

February 14, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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TE Connectivity AMPMODU 1.0mm Centerline Interconnect System

TE Connectivity's AMPMODU Small Centerline 1.0mm Interconnect System offers up to an 85% space savings on the board when compared to standard 2.54mm pitch connectors.

A dual beam contact design provides a reliable electrical connection even in severe shock and vibration environments. Improved durability and corrosion resistance is enabled with gold plating for a high integrity electrical connection.

This interconnect system provides manufacturing flexibility in an automated environment with a surface mount configuration and pick-and-place cap.

The AMPMODU Small Centerline 1.0 millimeter Interconnect System serves a broad range of design requirements with up to 100 positions and two plating options.

Applications include industrial controls, building and home automation devices, servo drives, programmable logic controllers (or PLCs), I/O devices, telecommunication equipment, robotics, and instrumentation and test equipment.

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