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TE Connectivity Automotive Heat Shrink Tubing | Tech Specs

August 15, 2019 by TTI, Inc

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TE Connectivity Automotive Heat Shrink Tubing

TE Connectivity's BATTU tubing has a semi-rigid outer jacket for protection against abrasion and bending, while a thermoplastic adhesive inner wall bonds to a variety of materials and forms a moisture-resistant seal. 

The tubing is also flame retardant, can withstand common automotive fluids, and used in temperatures from -40 to +130 degrees Celsius, making it well-suited for many kinds of vehicles, heavy equipment, and marine applications. 

TE Connectivity BATTU tubing has an approximate 2:1 shrink ratio and sized for typical power cables and terminals. It’s rated for 600 volts and offered in common pre-cut lengths for fast and efficient assembly.  

  • Semi-rigid polyolefin jacket protects against abrasion and bending
  • Thermoplastic adhesive inner wall melts and flows to form  moisture-resistant seal
  • Flame-retardant per ISO6722, withstands common automotive fluids
  • -40°C to +130°C operating temperature
  • Sized for typical power cables (16-120mm2/ 6 AWG to 4/0 AWG)
  • 32mm to 102mm pre-cut lengths or 1.22m sticks

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