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TE Connectivity DEUTSCH HD Harsh Environment Connectors | Featured Product Spotlight

July 27, 2017 by Mouser Electronics

TE Connectivity's Deutsch HD connector system is meant for harsh applications where minimizing downtime is critical.

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TE Connectivity's Deutsch HD connector system is meant for harsh applications where minimizing downtime is critical. These applications include food transportation, refrigerated trucks, public transportation, and heavy machinery, where downtime is too costly to the operators or disruptive to their clients. These connectors keep working in the extreme shock, vibration, and environmental conditions these vehicles expose them too, and they're available in different sizes and configurations with continuous current up to 100 amps per contact.

In these and similarly demanding applications, connectors are subjected to constant vibration, repeated shock, and exposure to all kinds of liquids and corrosive materials. Downtime is often related to electrical failures, with failed interconnects frequently being the problem. Now, this could be due to inadequate sealing of the contacts, improper assembly, disengaged connectors, or corrosion. Standard connectors, and even many so-called heavy duty connectors, simply aren’t built to hold up in these environments. TE Connectivity's Deutsch HD system is.


Deutsch HD Connectors

All Deutsch HD connectors have an IP68 rating and withstand water, oil, hydraulic fluid, road salt and other contaminants found in transportation and industrial applications. This is because the connectors have wire seals on the plug and receptacle as well as an environmental seal at the interface. When contacts are inserted into the back of the connector, the rear grommet seals around the wire’s insulation, preventing ingress from the rear. Another seal at the interface of the mated plug and receptacle prevents any ingress to the contact area, so that Deutsch HD connectors are completely sealed. To prevent contacts from dislodging from the connectors, fingers inside the connector lock in place behind the shoulder of the contact when it is inserted.


The HDP20 and HD 10 Series

The HDP20 and HD10 series are made from a lightweight, non-corrosive thermoplastic that is flame and chemical resistant, while the HD30 series is built from an aluminum shell that is meant to withstand shock and impact from the roughest environments. The HD30 series includes an optional breakaway plug for emergency disconnect, and has a breakaway force of 50 to 100 Lbs. HDP20 and HD 30 are virtually identical except for the shell material. They are available with up to 47 contact cavities in multiple configurations. The HD10 is smaller, offering up to 9 contact cavities, but with different coupling and receptacle options that make it more convenient for diagnostic connections.

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