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TE CONNECTIVITY HDSCnet+ Ethernet Automotive Connector | New Product Brief

August 30, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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TE CONNECTIVITY HDSCnet+ Ethernet Automotive Connector 

TE Connectivity's Single Pair Ethernet Connectors are rugged, heavy-duty thermoplastic connectors that combine an HDSCS connector interface with the single-pair Ethernet MATEnet interconnection system.

Compatible with industry-standard protocols such as 100base-T1 and 1000base-T1, these wire-to-wire, wire-to-device connectors offer design flexibility by implementing multiple hybrid interfaces and scalability via unshielded or shielded twisted pair cable.

These connectors ensure a proper connection with mechanical polarization and several keyings and a built-in secondary lock feature for contact retention. Moreover, clear handling is achieved with a reliable, low mating force, slide locking mechanism in a pre-locked position.

The Single Pair Ethernet Connectors are designed to perform in harsh environments such as in heavy equipment and commercial trucks, an operating temperature from -40°C to +125°C, as well as a vibration and mechanical shock resistance.

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