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TE Connectivity INSTALITE Molded Boots with Rayaten Shielding

TE Connectivity’s INSTALITE Molded Boots with Rayaten Shielding address the gap between cables and their connectors, providing high-performance EMI shielding from the braid through the backshell. Rayaten molded parts offer 70 dB of attenuation up to 1 GHz, and they can withstand the physical extremes of their intended applications, as they’re resistant to abrasion and most fuels, oils, and greases. They’re lightweight and fit most circular connectors and backshells, with D Subminiature options for rectangular connectors. Rayaten molded parts are available in straight, right-angle, and transitional shapes, have an approximately 2:1 shrink ratio, and are available in two compounds: the standard System 25 compound and the zero halogen, low fire hazard System 100 compound.

  • EMI continuity from harness braid through the backshell
  • 70 dB of attenuation up to 1 Ghz
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Resists most common military fuels, oils, and greases
  • Fits most circular connectors and backshells, D Subminiature options available for rectangular connectors
  • Straight, right-angled, and transitional shapes available

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