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TE Connectivity Motorman Hybrid Connectors

TE Connectivity Motorman Hybrid Connectors provide communication, signal, and power connections for decentralized motors in a compact, rectangular connector. The connectors are able to replace up to three connectors and cables, reducing material and installation costs in packaging, assembly, woodworking, and food processing machines. The connectors can house two 4-pin ethernet cores, 5 signal contacts, and 5 power contacts, plus a separate protective earth contact. The connector is IP65 rated and has a 360° braid shield in the cabinet to protect against EMI. Rugged metal enclosures and economic plastic enclosures are available to tailor the connector to the application environment, and both offer easy diagnostic access through the side of the enclosure.

  • Communication (Cat 5e), signal, and power in one connector
    • Ethernet: 2x 4-pin Cat 5e cores (ISO/IEC11801)
    • Signal: 5x 2A/50V
    • Power: 3x 20A+PE/900V, 2x 20A/50V
  • Environmental: IP65
  • EMI: 360° braid shield

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