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TE Connectivity Sliding Power Connector | Featured Product Spotlight

June 11, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

TE Connectivity's Sliding Power Connector is ideal for applications up to 75A and eliminates the need for a bulky cable management system within the drawer.

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TE Connectivity Sliding Power Connector

TE Connectivity’s sliding power connector enables seamless hot swapping of server drawer components and is capable of carrying up to 75A.

It’s designed to replace traditional cable connectors and cable management systems, prone to disconnection or failure if pinched as components are moved in and out of the drawer. Cables add bulk, which obstructs airflow and reduces cooling efficiency and effectiveness, and cables may not allow hot swapping, resulting in increased downtime during maintenance.

TE’s sliding power connector has a simple design providing many advantages over cables. It’s constructed from spring finger copper alloy contacts with gold over nickel plating in a black thermoplastic housing, with complaint pin termination to the PCB.

The connector mates to a baseboard rail that slides into and through the housing, with exposed traces on the baseboard contacting the spring fingers of the sliding power connector to power the application, with ideal applications including hard drives, power supplies, OCP cubbies, servers, and other high current devices.

TE’s Sliding Power Connector allows hot swapping of components, significantly reducing system downtime. It also improves energy efficiency by reducing the voltage drop between the power source and the application, and it improves cooling efficiency by eliminating the bulk and obstruction caused by cables and cable management systems. There are also no loose moving parts, which increases reliability.

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