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TE Connectivity Specialties TRICAN Digital Module Combo Sensors | Featured Product Spotlight

July 30, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

These sensors are optimized for automotive, fuel cell, and other harsh environment applications.

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TE Connectivity Specialties TRICAN Digital Module Combo Sensors

TE Connectivity TRICAN HTD2800 series digital combination sensor modules provide accurate measurement of relative humidity, temperature, and pressure optimized for automotive, truck, bus, fuel cells, high-end HVAC, and other harsh environment applications.

The modules offer designers the simplicity of one unit that houses relative humidity, temperature, and pressure sensors designed to reliably operate under repeated, long term immersion in high humidity and high-temperature environments. 

All three sensors offer high accuracy and long term stability in these conditions, and provide a fast response time even in a saturated humidity environment.

TRICAN HTD2800 series modules provide designers with flexibility useful in a wide range of applications. Modules are available with 5V, 12V, and 24V power supply options. The 5V version is ideal for low power applications and has a typical current consumption of 10mA.  The 12V and 24V versions are more robust, with tolerance to 32V transients.

All modules feature integrated signal conditioning and conversion and output data digitally on a standard CAN bus. Dew point and NOx humidity correction factor outputs are optionally available, and the modules have self-diagnostic capabilities for the sensors and sensor controller.

TRICAN HTD2800 series modules have a rugged, automotive-grade design capable of meeting tough automotive industry standards.  They’re resistant to vibration, mechanical and thermal shock, ESD, EMC, and other physical stresses.

The modules are designed for reliable operation when exposed to a salt atmosphere, air pollutants, acids, soaps, and other chemicals that vehicles are commonly exposed to. The rugged design and accurate sensing make the modules suitable for low power engine and fuel cell monitoring, high humidity and high-temperature environments, and applications with signal and noise interference.

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