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Texas Instruments bq25792EVM/bq25798EVM Charger Evaluation Modules | Featured Product Spotlight

March 07, 2023 by Mouser Electronics

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Texas Instruments bq25792EVM/bq25798EVM Charger Evaluation Modules

The Texas Instruments BQ25792EVM and BQ25798EVM Charger Evaluation Modules are used to evaluate the BQ25792 or BQ25798 integrated switched-mode buck-boost battery charge management devices.

Both the BQ25792 and BQ25798 are intended for 1- to 4-series cell lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries with a 3.6 to 24 volt input as well as a programmable 750 and 1500 kilohertz switching frequency and 5-Amp charging current. These devices are housed in a QFN package.

The BQ25798 also maximizes power from HiZ power sources like photovoltaic panels using its built-in open circuit voltage scaling maximum power point tracking algorithm.

An onboard USB input adapter can connect to a USB source and either communicate through the D+ or D– test points to set the default input current limit.

Other onboard test points, sense resistors and jumpers facilitate the measurement of high-efficiency and high-accuracy voltage and current regulation.

Both EVMs include bi-directional blocking NFETs included for evaluating dual input source selector, with jumpers to bypass.

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