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Texas Instruments CapTIvate Mixed Signal MCUs | New Product Brief

September 12, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

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Texas Instruments CapTIvate Mixed Signal MCUs 

Texas Instruments MSP430FR2670 series MCUs are ultra-low-power MCUs with CapTIvate Touch Technology for capacitive touch sensing applications.

CapTIvate technology is an integrated and autonomous touch-sensing solution supporting self- and mutual-capacitive electrodes in the same design. The MCUs also offer a high level of noise immunity and can be used with metal touch or in water rejection designs as well as other harsh environments.

The MCU is based on a powerful and efficient 16-bit RISC architecture that can operate from supplies down to 1.8V, with low current consumption in active and low-power modes. This is complemented by up to 64KB of low-power, nonvolatile FRAM with built-in ECC and configurable write protection.

The MCUs also feature a full peripheral set including enhanced serial communications and high-performance analog functionality.

  • CapTIvate technology
    • Supports self- and mutual-capacitive electrodes in the same design
    • Fast electrode scanning with four simultaneous scans
  • Reliability
    • Built-in spread spectrum, automatic tuning, noise filtering, and debouncing algorithms
    • Support for metal touch and water rejection designs
  • Ultra-low-power operation
    • 1.8V to 3.6V supply
    • Active mode: 135µA/MHz
    • Low-power modes down to 37nA
  • Up to 64KB of nonvolatile, low-power FRAM
    • Built-in ECC
    • Configurable write-protection
  • Intelligent peripherals
    • Serial communication: UART, IrDA, SPI, I2C
    • ADC: 12 channel, 12-bit, 200ksps

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