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INA260 Digital Current and Power Monitor

TI’s INA260 is a digital current and power monitor that integrates a calibrated precision shunt resistor for highly accurate measurements with a continuous current rating of 15 A.  

The device consists of a 16-bit ADC that is switched between the 2 mΩ shunt resistor and bus voltage connections, providing a calculated power consumption as well. Users can configure the device to monitor and alarm on current, voltage, and power measurements.

The INA260 also allows users to set the conversion times and averaging that meet the timing and accuracy requirements of their system. For the fastest response, conversion time can be set as low as 140 µs with no averaging, while the lowest noise measurements will come from longer conversion times and higher number of averages.

The INA260 is intended for use in test equipment, servers, power management, and battery chargers.

  • Current sensing: 15 A continuous, 1.25 mA step
  • Bus voltage sensing: 0-36 V, 1.25 mV step
  • High-side or low-side sensing
  • Conversion times: 140 µs to 8.244 ms
    • Independent settings for voltage and current
  • Averaging: 1 to 1024

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