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Texas Instruments ISO774x/ISO774x-Q1 Quad-Channel Digital Isolators

TI’s ISO7740 family of digital isolators provide four high-speed, high-performance isolated channels for CMOS and LVCMOS digital I/Os.

Devices are available in varying channel direction configurations and provide up to 5000 VRMS isolation ratings. They are suited for industrial automation, motor control, and medical equipment applications, as well as use in hybrid vehicles and other automotive applications using the -Q1 AEC-Q100 qualified variant.

The ISO7740 family is designed to provide robust EMC performance and low emissions, with chip-level design improvements for enhanced ESD, larger on-chip decoupling caps, and purely differential internal operation to reduce common mode currents.

  • Rated Isolation:
    • 5000 VRMS DW-16 package
    • 2500 VRMS DBQ-16 package
  • Propagation Delay: 10.7 ns
  • Channel Configurations:
    • 4 Forward/0 Reverse
    • 3 Forward/1 Reverse
    • 2 Forward/2 Reverse
  • Maximum Date Rate: 100 Mbps
  • Current Consumption: 1.5 mA/ch @ 1Mbps

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