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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS IWR6843AOPEVM Antenna-on-Package (AoP) EVM | New Product Brief

December 31, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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Texas Instruments’ IWR6843AOPEVM Antenna-on-Package Evaluation Module allows developers to experiment with and evaluate TI’s intelligent mmWave sensor that uses integrated antenna-on-package technology. 

The board is based on the IWR6843AOP single-chip 60GHz to 64GHz mmWave sensor, which integrates 4 receiver and 3 transmitter antennas on the package for a 120° x 120° field of view. AoP technology reduces system complexity and size while eliminating board routing loss for better range performance. 

The EVM has a USB interface for power and access to point cloud data. It also has a 60-pin high-speed host interface or can be paired with the MMWAVEICBOOST board for additional functionality and interfacing to the TI MCU LaunchPad ecosystem. The kit is supported by TI’s mmWave tools, including mmWave Studio and the mmWave SDK. 

  • 60GHz to 64GHz mmWave sensor 
  • Antenna-on-Package: 4RX/3TX antenna 
    • Field of View: 120º azimuth, 120º elevation 
  • USB interface for power and access to point-cloud data 
  • Supports 60-pin high-speed interface for host-controlling interface 
  • Additional features when paired with MMWAVEICBOOST 
    • Enables use with TI MCU LaunchPad™ ecosystem 
  • Compatible with TI mmWave tools 
    • Includes mmWave Studio, mmWave SDK, mmWave demo visualizer 

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