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TOSHIBA TRSxxN65FB 650V SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes | Featured Product Spotlight

October 28, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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TOSHIBA TRSxxN65FB 650V SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes

Toshiba TRSxxN65FB 650V silicon carbide Schottky Barrier Diodes are second generation silicon carbide SBDs with improved surge current handling capability for use in PFC, solar inverters, UPS, and power supplies for industrial and consumer equipment. 

The conventional structure for SBDs has high leakage when reverse biased due to the high electric field at the metal-semiconductor interface, where defects allow leakage current to flow.  The Junction Barrier Schottky structure, or JBS structure, adds p-type regions at the interface, moving the maximum electric field under the p-region and away from the defects at the metal-semiconductor interface, reducing leakage current. 

However, the relatively high resistance of the n- layer can cause SBDs to overheat when operating at high current. Toshiba’s TRSxxN65FB SBDs use an improved JBS structure that adds p+ regions, forming pn junction diodes that turn on when high surge currents flow. 

This changes the behavior of the doped regions and modulates the conductivity of the SBD, providing high surge current capability and low forward voltage for low loss operation. 

The TRSxxN65FB features two SBDs using the improved JBS structure in a TO-247 package. These are capable of 650V repetitive peak reverse voltage with leakage current as low as 0.3µA per leg, while they’re able to carry forward surge currents up to 92A per leg and forward DC currents up to 12A per leg. They also have a low forward voltage, rated at 1.45V per leg at the rated forward DC current, and junction capacitance as low as 23pF per leg. To learn more about Toshiba’s 2nd generation TRSxxN65FB silicon carbide SBDs and their improved JBS chip design, visit

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