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TRACO POWER TEL 15N & TEL 15WIN Converters - New Product Brief | Mouser Electronics

April 04, 2023 by Mouser Electronics

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TRACO POWER TEL 15N & TEL 15WIN Converters

The TRACO Power TEL 15N and TEL 15WIN 15 Watt converters come in a compact DIP-16 metal casing with an optional integrated heatsink.

This series of miniaturized low power DC-to-DC converters have an excellent power density of 4.51 watts per cubic centimeter and efficiencies up to 88 percent.

The TEL 15N converters offer a 2 to 1 input voltage range, while the TEL 15WIN series offers a wider 4 to 1 input voltage range. Both feature an operating temperature of up to 55 degrees Celsius at full load and up to 85 degrees Celsius when operating at 50 percent load. An extended temperature version with a fully integrated heatsink casing supports operation up to 70 degrees Celsius under full load, without derating.

The converters also have an internal input filter to comply with conducted emission standard EN 55032 class A, provide continuous short circuit protection with automatic recovery, and come with a 3-year product warranty.

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