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U-BLOX EVK-LILY-W1 Evaluation Kit | Featured Product Spotlight

April 13, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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U-BLOX EVK-LILY-W1 Evaluation Kit

The u-blox EVK-LILY-W1 are evaluation kits for the LILY-W1 series of ultra-compact and economical host-based Wi-Fi modules that are designed for use in LTE-connected devices. The LILY-W1 series has an extremely small footprint measuring just 10mm x 14mm. It’s based on the NXP 88W8801 WiFi SoC and supports 2.4GHz 802.11N and 1x1 WiFi.

With data rates up to 72Mbps, on-chip encryption and security, and the ability to operate simultaneously as a micro access point for up to eight devices. The modules have one-time programmable memory to store items such as the radio configuration and MAC address, and they have dual MAC address capability.

The modules operate from a 3.3V supply with a separate VCCIO rail for use in 1.8V or 3.3V systems, and they connect to the host through an SDIO or USB interface. Eval boards are available for the LILY-W131 and LILY-W132. The LILY-W131 is the antenna pin variant, and its kid includes a 2.4GHz antenna with a RP-SMA to U.FL adapter cable. The board supports evaluating an antenna diversity solution with two additional U.FL connectors and an LTE filter on the board for Wi-Fi LTE coexistence. 

The LILY-W132, on the other hand, includes the antenna, the LTE coexistence filter on the module itself. For both versions, users can connect to the host via micro USB or plug into an SD card slot that supports the SD IO interface. With the interface and voltages selectable via jumpers, u-blox offers Linux and Android drivers for both interfaces plus tools to support certification testing.

To learn more about the u-blox EVK-LILY-W1 evaluation kits and the modules they are based on, visit

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