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Vicor BCM6135 65A BCM® Bus Converter | New Product Brief

June 27, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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Vicor BCM6135 65A BCM® Bus Converter 

Vicor’s BCM6135 65A BCM® Bus Converter is a high-efficiency isolated fixed-ratio DC-to-DC converter that is available in a chassis-mount CM-ChiP™ package. 

This converter operates from a 260VDC to 410VDC high-voltage bus to create an isolated ratiometric 32.5VDC to 51.3VDC low-side bus. 

The BCM6135 converter offers low output impedance, low noise, fast transient response, up to 65 A of continuous low-voltage side current, 4,242 VDC isolation, 97.9% peak efficiency, and up to 3.4 kilowatts per in3 high-power density. 

This DC-DC converter incorporates megahertz bandwidth and low series impedance and performs as an efficient capacitance multiplier. The capacitance multiplication cuts down the size and number of capacitors required by 48V point-of-load regulators while freeing up real estate at the point-of-load. 

Typical applications include 380VDC power distribution, high-end computing systems, and high-density power supplies.

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