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Vicor NBM2317 Bus Converter | New Product Brief

June 28, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

This non-isolated fixed ratio DC-DC converter bridges 12V and 48V systems in automotive and data center applications.

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Vicor NBM2317 Bus Converter

Vicor’s NBM2317 Bus Converter is a non-isolated fixed ratio DC-DC converter to bridge 12V and 48V systems in automotive and data center applications among others. 

The bus converter is fully bidirectional and has a 4:1 conversion ratio, with a high side voltage of 38V to 60V and a low-side voltage of 9.5V to 15V. It has a maximum continuous output power of 800W and operates at 97.9% peak efficiency. The converter requires no external components and switches at 1.7MHz, enabling a much higher power density than discrete alternatives and providing a very fast response to transient loads.

The NBM2317 has built-in hot-swap capabilities, current limiting, and other protections, supporting parallel operation to meet larger load requirements.

  • Fully bidirectional operation
  • Fixed 4:1 conversion ratio (high to low)
    • VHI: 38V to 60V
    • VLO: 9.5V to 15V
  • Maximum continuous output power: 800W
    • Up to 1kW, 2ms peak power capability
  • 97.9% peak efficiency
  • Up to 4.5kW/in3 power density
    • SM-ChiP™ package: 0.899 x 0.683 x 0.292in
  • Parallel operation for multi-kW arrays

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