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Vishay IL420 and IL4208 Optocouplers | Tech Specs

October 20, 2020 by TTI, Inc

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Vishay IL420 and IL4208 Optocouplers

Vishay’s IL420 and IL4208 optocouplers have a non-zero crossing phototriac output and isolate low-voltage logic from AC mains voltage to control loads such as motors, solenoids, high current thyristors, TRIACs, and relays. 

Both have multiple safety agency approvals, with the IL420 rated to block 600 volts while the IL4208 is rated to block 800 volts, controlling offline voltages up to 380 volts AC. The optocouplers are designed to trigger with an input current less than 2 milliamps, allowing most microcontrollers to directly drive the input, and they employ a proprietary clamp circuit that provides a high static dV/dt. 

The IL420 and IL4208 are housed in a compact 6-pin DIP or SMD package, with various lead spacing and board clearance options. 

  • Agency approvals: UL, cUL, CQC, VDE  
  • 600V (IL420) or 800V (IL4208) blocking voltage to control offline voltages up to 380VAC 
  • High input sensitivity: IFT = 2 mA, allows direct control by most MCUs 
  • Very low leakage: < 10 µA 
  • 10 kV/µs static dV/dt for use in industrial applications and other noisy environments 
  • Small 6-pin DIP or SMD package with multiple lead spacing and PCB clearance options 

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