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Vishay Semiconductors VCUT0714BHD1 BiAs ESD Protection Diodes | New Product Brief

November 23, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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Vishay Semiconductors VCUT0714BHD1 BiAs ESD Protection Diodes 

Vishay Semiconductors’ VCUT0714BHD1 Bidirectional Asymmetrical (BiAs) Single Line ESD Protection Diodes are designed to clamp positive and negative overvoltage transients to ground.

These devices are connected between the signal or data line and the ground to offer a high isolation within the specified working range of -7 V to +14 V or -14 V and +7 V.

Due to the short leads and small package size of the tiny DFN1006-2A package,  the line inductance is very low, so that fast transients like an ESD strike can be clamped with minimal over- or undershoots.

The VCUT0714BHD1 lineup offers AEC-Q101 qualified diodes with ESD immunity and a low package height. 

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