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Vishay TrenchFET Gen IV Top-Side Double Cooling MOSFETs | New Product Brief

November 30, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

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Vishay TrenchFET Gen IV Top-Side Double Cooling MOSFETs

Vishay TrenchFET Gen IV Top-Side Double Cooling MOSFETs are power MOSFETs for use in power conversion, motor drive, battery management, and other applications.

The MOSFETs feature the PowerPak SO-8DC package with thermal pads on the top and bottom of the package, providing enhanced thermal transfer performance. They leverage Vishay’s TrenchFET Gen IV technology to deliver ultra-low RDS(ON) values to minimize conduction losses and power consumption.

The low conduction losses are complemented by low gate charge values and ratios, providing low switching losses and an overall low figure of merit. MOSFETs are available with power ratings up to 125W watts and with drain-source breakdown voltages ranging from 25 to 200 volts, providing flexibility to address many different applications.

Vishay TrenchFET Gen IV Top-Side Double Cooling MOSFETs can operate from negative 55 to positive 150 degrees celsius.

  • SO-8DC Package:
    • Top-side cooling feature provides an additional venue for thermal transfer
  • Low RDS(ON)
    • Options < 1mΩ
    • Reduces conduction losses
  • Optimized Qg, Qgd and low Qgd/Qgs ratios
    • Reduces switching losses
  • Drain-source breakdown voltages of 25V, 30V, 40V, 60V, 80V, 100V, 150V, and 200V
  • -55°C to 150°C operating temperature range

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