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Vishay VOM1271 Photovoltaic MOSFET Driver

Vishay's VOM1271 photovoltaic MOSFET is an optically isolated MOSFET driver that drives its internal circuitry from the output current of the photodiodes. The input is compatible with standard logic levels, and the photovoltaic operation eliminates the need for a separate secondary-side supply, and the VOM1271 can still drive an open circuit voltage up to 8.9 volts so it can be used with a wide range of MOSFETs. The IC also integrates a fast turn-off circuit to increase switching speed, saving further PCB space while increasing reliability and performance. The VOM1271 packages this all in a surface-mount SOP4 package, and still provides 4500 volts RMS of isolation.

  • Logic compatible input
  • No external VCC and/or VDD rails
  • Open circuit voltage up to 8.1V (If = 5mA)
  • Integrated fast turn-off circuit
  • 6.95 mm x 2.12 mm x 4.92 mm SOP4 package
  • 4500 VRMS isolation test voltage

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