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Wolfspeed 62mm All-Silicon Carbide Half-Bridge Modules | Featured Product Spotlight

January 23, 2023 by Mouser Electronics

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Wolfspeed 62mm All-Silicon Carbide Half-Bridge Modules

The Wolfspeed 62-millimeter All-Silicon Carbide Half-Bridge Modules combine the system benefits of Silicon Carbide with a robust and low-inductance layout.

The low switching and conduction losses of the silicon carbide MOSFETs enable the reduction of end-system cost due to their inherent power density and thermal efficiency.

The All-Silicon Carbide module is assembled with a thermally conductive copper baseplate for robust matching of the coefficient of thermal expansion between interfaces. An aluminum nitride insulator minimizes thermal resistance. This construction reduces cooling requirements which, in turn, also reduces system costs.

These modules have rated voltages up to 1700 volts and currents up to 530 amps―a much higher rated current than Silicon IGBT counterparts.

The modules enable a fast time to market with minimal development required to transition from 62-millimeter IGBT packages.

These power modules from Wolfspeed include a 10 to 15 nanohenry low inductance internal layout that enables maximum voltage utilization with minimal overshoot and ringing.

The half-bridge modules operate at junction temperatures up to  150 or 175 degrees celsius, making them ideal in harsh industrial applications such as railway, solar, EV charging, industrial automation, power supply testing, wind energy systems, and active front ends.

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