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WOLFSPEED Buck-Boost Evaluation Kit (KIT-CRD-3DD065P) | New Product Brief

February 27, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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WOLFSPEED Buck-Boost Evaluation Kit (KIT-CRD-3DD065P)

Wolfspeed’s KIT-CRD-3DD065P Buck-Boost Evaluation Kit demonstrates the switching and thermal performance of 650V Silicon Carbide C3M™ MOSFETs configured in a half-bridge topology.

The C3M MOSFETs are housed in the TO-247-4L package that comes with an added kelvin source pin that allows for more voltage to be applied to the gate and source without negatively impacting the gate drive signals.  As a result, the turn-on is not slowed down by a voltage drop due to the rising source current.  This often provides a significant reduction in turn-on loss.

The evaluation kit also accepts the traditional TO-247-3 without the need for additional adapters.

The half bridge configuration comes with the option of adding a MOSFET or diode in the upper and lower positions, allowing the evaluation board to be configured in common power conversion topologies.

To reduce power loss, Wolfspeed’s Buck-Boost Evaluation Kit comes with a low loss inductor made of “Sendust” material.

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