Day 1: Welcome to Industry Tech Days 2021! Here’s What’s in Store for Monday

September 13, 2021 by Kate Smith

Welcome, one and all, to Day 1 of our annual Industry Tech Days event. Let's get started.

It's here! Welcome to Industry Tech Days, our week-long virtual trade show and conference, presented in partnership with Digi-Key Electronics!

In a time when in-person conferences are still yet to make a full comeback, it's our pleasure to share our second annual all-virtual event, free for the entire community. Here, you'll be able to interact with industry leaders across a digital expo floor and attend Live Sessions right from your home or office.



Below are a few highlights for your viewing and reading enjoyment today. If you have any trouble finding your way around, please refer to our Guide to Industry Tech Days, which you can also find on the top of the homepage.


Keynote: "Arduino Goes Pro: Disrupting the World of Automation" by Massimo Banzi, Co-Founder, CTO, and Chairman of Arduino

This morning at 8:00 AM Eastern Time, our keynote speaker will be Massimo Banzi, Senior Principal Engineer at Co-Founder, CTO, and Chairman of Arduino. We're very excited to have Massimo share his insights as the keynote speaker this morning. 



In his keynote presentation, Banzi will discuss Arduino's monumental change in its efforts towards producing scalable and affordable hardware for industrial automation applications. Learn about the how and why of Arduino's major leap from the hobbyist bench to the factory floor.

You can learn more and register for the event here. Even if you miss the live session, it's still worth registering so you can catch up with the on-demand recording.


Monday's Live Sessions

Here are the Live Sessions you'll see happening on the hour (the times below are for the Eastern Time Zone):

A new winner of a shiny new giveaway package will be announced at the end of each Live Session.

And if you miss an event you were looking forward to, don't worry! Each will be made available on-demand throughout the week.


Event Content

The event also features on-demand webinars, videos, whitepapers, app notes, and new product information, all of which can be found through the homepage, category pages, and site search.



See you out there!