ITD 2023 Day 2: Energizing the Future: Real-Time Precision in Renewable Energy Management

October 03, 2023 by Jeff Child

It's Day Two of Industry Tech Days 2022! Charge up for today's sessions by learning about today's Keynote speaker from Texas Instruments.

Welcome to Day 2 of Industry Tech Days 2023! The event is off to a great start, and we're thrilled to have you join us. Please enjoy today's mix of Live Sessions and industry content from experts worldwide.


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Check out today's events, which we've highlighted below. If you have any issues finding your way around, please refer to our Guide to Industry Tech Days.


Keynote: "Energizing the Future: Real-Time Precision in Renewable Energy Management"

This morning at 9:00 AM Eastern Time, our keynote speaker will be Henrik Mannesson of Texas Instruments, sponsored by Mouser Electronics. With our host, Daniel Bogdanoff, Mannesson will discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with real-time energy measurement and management in the age of renewables.



Learn more and register for the event here. Even if you miss the keynote session, it's still worth registering to catch up with the on-demand recording.


Tuesday's Live Sessions

Here are the Live Sessions you'll see happening on the hour (all times are US Eastern time zone):

9:00 AM — Energizing the Future: Real-Time Precision in Renewable Energy Management with Texas Instruments

10:00 AM — Driving Innovation in BLDC Motor Applications: APM32 Motor Control Dedicated MCU with Geehy Semiconductor

11:00 AM — Integrated Supply Chain: The Key to Short Lead Times and Lower Costs with Mornsun

12:00 PM — Low Voltage and High Voltage GaN Solutions with Rohm Semiconductor

1:00 PM — Selecting The Right Connector: The Five FAQs of Product Specifications with Samtec

2:00 PM — Electronics at the Heart of EV Charging: Innovations, Challenges, and Solutions  with Eaton

3:00 PM — Omron Human Vision Sensing Technology with Omron Electronic Components

4:00 PM — Designing with Modular Light Pipes with Bivar

5:00 PM — Pairing Gate Drive to EliteSiC with Onsemi


Don't forget! A winner of a shiny new giveaway package will be announced at the end of each Live Session!

Also, don't worry if you miss an event you were looking forward to! Each event will be available on-demand throughout the week.


Event Content

This year's Industry Tech Days also features on-demand videos, webinars, whitepapers, app notes, and new product information, all of which can be found through the homepage, category pages, and in the exhibitor booths.

See you soon!