ON Semiconductor’s New Offerings Give Boost to IoT

February 27, 2016 by Aaron LaBarbera

ON Semiconductor debuted a few new goodies in Nuremberg, Germany this week at Embedded World 2016.

See some of ON Semiconductor's new devices on display at Embedded World 2016

ON Semiconductor debuted a few new goodies in Nuremberg, Germany this week at Embedded World 2016. All of their new offerings are designed to be integrated into the latest and greatest IoT devices even easier and with greater efficiency.

The first piece demonstrated was the NB3H63143G, a low cost, small form factor, and a one-time programmable member of ON Semiconductor’s OmniClock family. Members of this family are capable of output frequencies ranging from 8 kHZ to 200MHz. The OmniClock family is perfect for the shrinking form factors familiar to the IoT world with a 3x3mm QFN 16 package. Lending some operational flexibility and reducing cost are three single ended clock outputs (LVCMOS/LVTTL) of which two can be combined into a differential output (LVPECL/LVDS/HCSL/CML).


The OmniClock family on display


ON Semiconductor’s MatrixCam video development kit (VDK) was also on display at Embedded World 2016. The Wi-Fi and Ethernet capable, camera promises to pack a punch with full 1080p and smart operation via Bluetooth or motion detection via the integrated PIR sensor. The integration possibilities are limitless for devices requiring streaming video. However, ON foresees uses including the burgeoning home automation market and remotely viewable building access devices.  

The Matrix Cam Video Development has a variety of connection options and uses


“There are many possibilities for IoT and so far the industry has just started to fully explore them,” explains Ryan Cameron, vice president, industrial and timing products at ON Semiconductor. 


“By offering a wealth of hardware for IoT implementation, including microcontrollers, RF transceivers, camera systems and clock generators, we are enabling design engineers to take their ideas on IoT systems from the concept phase and make them a reality.”


The IoT is dead in the water without the all critical wireless support that allows our gadgets to transmit data, so of course, ON had a couple of those on display. Starting with the NCS36510, it’s a SoC design with a 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 processor and 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4-2006 compliant transceiver. The second wireless support device ON displayed was the AX5043 RF Transceiver.

This ultra-low power device has wonderful benefits including working perfectly all the way down to 1kbps in a 6.25 kHz channel. The highly capable AX5043 can support a wide range of modulations including FSK, MSK, 4-FSK, GFSK, GMSK, AFSK and ASK all while achieving low power capability without sacrificing link budget.    

ON Semiconductor had some really intriguing products on display at Embedded World 2016. To get more details on each of the products check out the embedded links above.  

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