Rimac Chooses Analog Devices ICs as the “Brain” for Their EV Battery Management System

December 04, 2019 by Cabe Atwell

Analog Devices’ precision BMS (Battery Management System) ICs will be incorporated into Rimac’s BMS for increased performance and efficiency.

Analog Devices has recently announced that their precision BMS (battery management system) ICs (integrated circuits) have been selected by Rimac Automobili for use in their BMS platform in high-performance EVs (electric vehicles).


Rimac Automobili.

Rimac Automobili. Image from Analog Devices

The BMS ICs are built to handle multiple cell configurations and battery types across a wide range of applications and industries. 


What is the State of Charge?

ADI’s ICs will allow Rimac’s BMS to extract power and capacity out of their batteries by calculating reliable SoC (in this case, state of charge—not system on a chip), along with other battery parameters at any given time. SoC is the level of charge of electric batteries relative to their capacity using percentage points. Specifically, 0% is empty while 100% is full. 


The "Brains" of the Battery Packs

The BMS technology acts as the "brains" behind those battery packs by managing their output, charging, and discharging. The technology also provides precision management during the EVs operation.


Battery Stack Management

ADI's BMS products are designed for battery cell and pack monitoring. Image from Analog Devices

The BMS safeguards the battery packs from damage; they are manufactured using groups of cells that work in concert to deliver maximum power output. If those cells go out of balance, they can become stressed, which can lead to premature charge termination and a reduced lifetime.

Analog Devices’ ICs are designed to provide highly accurate measurements to prevent that from happening, resulting in safer vehicle operation and increasing its range per charge.


Precision Counts

Automotive electrification and infotainment VP at Analog Devices, Patrick Morgan, states, “High-performance electric vehicles require high precision electronics. Precision accuracy directly translates to maximizing battery capacity and range with fast charging time. We are pleased to support Rimac with our precision battery management ICs for its leading-edge electric vehicle systems with the goal of achieving some of the best performance in the world.”


The BMS will optimize battery usage through SoC algorithms

The BMS will optimize battery usage through SoC algorithms. Image from Rimac


The ICs Will Power Global Rimac EVs

Rimac will use the ICs in their BMS platforms for both global automotive companies and in their own Rimac C_Two hypercar, which has a top speed of 258mph and 1.914kW of power.

Rimac CEO Mate Rimac explains, “ADI’s ICs are an integral part of our in-house developed BMS that we are using in our own vehicles, but also for many global car brands. We have benchmarked these ICs in the market and selected Analog Devices for superior precision measurement accuracy and product robustness over the lifetime of the vehicle."