Seek Thermal Unveils New Thermal Cameras for Test, Security, and IoT

December 11, 2019 by Gary Elinoff

With the Micro Core and Mosaic Core, OEMs can easily integrate thermal imaging capabilities into their products.

Seek Thermal has released two new lines of OEM thermal cameras that are geared for test and measurement, security surveillance, and IoT. 

The first line, Micro Core, is a thermal sensor that Seek Thermal calls "unmatched" in terms of price-per-pixel. With a footprint of 8mm x 11mm x 8mm (L x W x H), it’s aimed at lightweight, low-power, small form factor applications. Its high-resolution (200 x 150) and shutterless design allows for uninterrupted and accurate thermal imaging.


The Micro Core and Mosaic Core thermal cameras.

The Micro Core and Mosaic Core thermal cameras. Image from Seek Thermal

The other line, the Mosaic Core series, is customizable for specific needs. Designers can opt for different resolutions, frame rates, and fields of view.


Key Features of Both Series

High Pixel Count: Both devices feature 200 x 150 resolution for 30,000 pixels. The Mosaic core is also offered in a version with 320 x 240 resolution for 76,800 pixels.

Smart Pixels with Dual Gain: When viewing hot and cold objects simultaneously, each pixel will automatically adjust gain state to maximize resolution.

12 Micron Pixel Size: This means more pixels can fit into a given area, enabling small form factor devices without sacrificing performance.

Power requirement: 3.3V to 5.5V at < 50 mW.

Video Output: USB

Visible Light Camera Support. A software development kit (SDK) is available to incorporate a visible light camera.


Unique Features of Micro Core

Micro Core’s shutterless design is said to increase reliability by eliminating potentially troublesome mechanical shutters.


Micro Core

Micro Core. Image from Seek Thermal

The lack of a shutter also allows for uninterrupted thermal imaging. Micro Core features a 61° field of view and features a scene dynamic range of -20°C to 300°C.


Unique Features of Mosiac Core

The Mosaic Core series is available in a < 9Hz version for regions whose regulations require it. A fast-frame version (up to 32Hz) is also available. Seek Thermal asserts that Mosaic Core is highly customizable. Aside from the frame rate, designers can choose to modify the resolution, field of view, and more.


Mosaic Core

Mosaic Core. Image from Seek Thermal

The units feature a length and width of 20mm x 21mm and heights of either 10mm or 20mm. Mosaic Core can offer fields of view ranging from 15° to 105°. Scene dynamic range is from -40°C to +330 °C.



The Micro Core series will serve small form factor devices, such as drones, IoT devices, mobile devices, and wearables.



Micro Core includes SDK support, which integrates a visible light camera to fuse
thermal and visible images together for additional context. This image of firefighters was constructed with such technology. Image from Seek Thermal 


Mosaic Core devices are suited for test and measurement, security devices, and public safety applications.


Image constructed with thermal technology

Image constructed with thermal technology. Image from Seek Thermal 


Starter Kit and Developer Information

Upon request, Seek Thermal will offer starter kits for users. Customers can also access the developer portal for additional information on the Micro Core series and Mosaic Core series.


Micro Core starter kit

Micro Core starter kit. Image from Seek Thermal

Here, users will find SDKs, APIs, and other important documentation that can speed an OEM’s path to product development.


Around the Industry

Engineers in the market for OEM thermal cameras might also consider several other options around the industry.

BAE Systems’ TWV640 Thermal Camera Core has a resolution of 640 pixels x 480 pixels and features a frame rate of up to 60Hz. The 26.2mm x 33.3mm x 22.9mm device requires a power input of 1W.

IEASTWAY's EW384C Thermal Imaging Core operates at 8µm to 14µm. The frame rate is 50Hz, and the unit’s resolution is 768 pixels × 576 pixels.