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Ep. 32 | HP’s Journey from Birthing Silicon Valley to Powering 21st Century Entertainment, Aerospace, and Remote Work

Episode #32 / 1:04:26 / September 28, 2021 by Daniel Bogdanoff
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From a garage that became the cradle of Silicon Valley to the stage of the Oscars, this episode runs the gamut of what printer and display technology are capable of—and where they're going next in our ever-changing world.

What do Lady Gaga, DreamWorks, and SpaceX have in common? Would you believe us if we said the answer was tech? In this episode, two top HP execs talk about the unexpected ways this giant in the industry has gone from the inventors of the inkjet printer to Oscar-winning staple in Hollywood, healthcare, and some out-of-this-world applications.

Joining Daniel in the Lobby today are Jim Nottingham, Global Head & General Manager of HP’s Advanced Compute & Solutions, and Bruce Blaho, HP Fellow and Chief Technologist for the Advanced Compute & Solutions Business Unit in HP Personal Systems. Daniel guides Jim and Bruce through a conversation about HP's monolithic presence in the history of the electronics industry and how precision engineering has revolutionized display technology just in time for the age of remote work.

This trio of engineers delves into color fidelity across displays, data capture and storage, AI and machine learning, high-performance and edge compute, and the new wave of AR/VR.

Highlights you won't want to miss:

  • What are HP's plans for an EGOT? (No, seriously.)
  • What does "the HP way" mean nowadays?
  • How does DreamWorks keep Shrek's signature green the same from one display to another?
  • How do you get unneeded workstation equipment off the ISS? 
  • What's next after keyboards and mouses? 


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Meet Jim Nottingham

Jim Nottingham is currently the Global Head & General Manager of HP’s Advanced Compute & Solutions business within the Personal Systems organization. In this role, Jim leads the Workstations, Retail Solutions, and VR/XR Global Business Units. HP’s Advanced Compute & Solutions business represent $3.7B in annual revenue.

Previously, Jim held several senior leadership roles across HP’s Print Business. As Global Head of the OPS Development & Technology organization, he had worldwide responsibility for all aspects of product and technology development for the HP LaserJet Portfolio, including R&D integration and product development associated with the Samsung Print acquisition. Prior to this role, Jim led the Value LaserJet Hardware Business and served as VP of R&D and product quality for the worldwide LaserJet Printer business across Consumer, SMB, and Enterprise segments.



Jim joined HP’s Boise Printer Division in 1992 as an R&D engineer and architect. In 1997, he briefly left HP to join In System Design Inc., serving in multiple capacities. He returned to HP in 2001 as an R&D Manager and completed his master’s degree in Technology Management. Jim holds BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Utah State University. He and his wife Sherry have three children and eight grandchildren.


Meet Bruce Blaho

Bruce is an HP Fellow and Chief Technologist for the Advanced Compute & Solutions Business Unit in HP Personal Systems. His focus is on innovation and the development of new growth opportunities. Bruce joined HP in 1985 to work on the then-emerging field of 3D graphics acceleration and architected the first GPU design to run inside a window system.



Most of his career has been in the Workstation business, from the early RISC-based days to current PC-based approach. He has championed many new innovations including DreamColor monitors (which won a technical Oscar award!), HP Remote Boost (RGS) collaboration software (which won an engineering Emmy award!), Linux based workstations, and many more. His current focus areas are Hybrid Edge Computing, Blockchain-based Security, Data Science, & AI.