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Ep. 6 | Crucial Trade-Offs in Automotive Power Design with Tesla and Vicor

Episode #6 / 46:37 / July 23, 2020 by Dave Finch
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As the electrification of the automotive space increases, good power system design has never been more important. This episode, we dive deep into power design considerations.

In this episode of Moore's Lobby, Dave sits down with two engineers about power design in the automotive space. 

You'll hear about how ignoring the holistic system in favor of high efficiency can mean too much of a good thing. You'll learn about IGBTs vs. MOSFETs in the automotive space. And you'll also pick up snippets about why single-sourced new components are forbidden fruit and why it's important to acknowledge that copper's not getting any more efficient.

Thermal management, EMI, switching losses, oh my! This episode is full to the brim of the technical details practicing EEs crave.


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The Voices You'll Hear

This episode, our guests are experts from the power design realm:


Milovan Kovacevic

Senior Power Electronics Engineer at Tesla


Paul Yeaman

Director of Applications Engineering at Vicor