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Ep. 7 | The Wi-SUN-Powered Future of IoT Smart Cities with Renesas and Landis+Gyr

Episode #7 / 45:27 / August 06, 2020 by Dave Finch
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The "Wi-Fi of Sub-GHz" is here. Wi-SUN is a wireless IoT specification built for smart cities.

Don't call it a wireless protocol! In this episode of Moore's Lobby, we're talking about Wi-SUN, an interoperable, auto-optimizing wireless IoT specification that supports smart city functionality in dense urban environments. 

What do you imagine when you think of the smart cities of the future? IoT streetlights, smart metering, gunshot detection, pollution sensing—the possibilities of interconnected, wireless sensor networks and communications are endless. 

We'll take a hardware designer's look at a new and rising wireless IoT specification that is open rather than proprietary. Along the way, you'll hear two engineers explain the complex world of wireless communication in their own words and share their experiences with the evolution of IoT design and why the move towards modules can "take all the fun out of some of RF design."


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The Voices You'll Hear

We're joined in the Lobby by two experts who hail from the world of smart metering, an application where the Wi-SUN specification shines bright.


Peter Knazko

Director of Smart Energy and Metering at Renesas Electronics


Jeff Scheb

Director of Technical Solutions at Landis+Gyr and Wi-SUN Board Secretary