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Synopsys’ Stelios Diamantidis Is Bringing the Magic of AI To Chip Design

Episode #61 / 01:01:17 / April 04, 2023 by Daniel Bogdanoff
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Stelios Diamantidis, a Distinguished Architect at Synopsys, is leading efforts to apply artificial intelligence to integrated circuit design and optimization of the next generation of CPUs, GPUs, and memories.

“It’s a magical world.” After several decades in the chip design industry, Stelios Diamantidis might be just as fascinated by the work he gets to do today as when he saw his first computer as a child growing up in Greece.

Inspired by the success of computers and AI systems in defeating humans in strategy games like chess and Go, Diamantidis wondered, “what if we were to one day be able to treat chip design as a game, a very complex game?” Armed with that question, Diamantidis and his Synopsys colleagues got to work.


Synopsys brings AI-driven optimization to IC design. Image used courtesy of Synopsys


Eventually, that led to their (design space optimization using AI) product. As Diamantidis explains in the interview, they started on smaller challenges in the IC design flow and have expanded over the past few years. “I'm extremely excited that this…technology has provided a framework for all of them, no exceptions so far, to actually come up with great solutions.” Last week, All About Circuits featured an article about Synopsys' latest Full-stack AI-based EDA Tool Suite, which incorporates

When discussing IC design optimization, Dimantidis states, “everybody has their own definition of the problem.” CPU designers want to optimize speed, GPU designers are focused on reducing energy consumption, and flash memory designers “are very paranoid about size because they're going to manufacture tens or hundreds of millions of units.” 

In this Moore’s Lobby interview with host Daniel Bogdanoff, Diamantidis shares his experiences at an early pioneering tech company working with “some of the most remarkable folks I’ve ever met” while solving problems that were “the stuff of science fiction.” He also shares insights from founding two different EDA technology companies of his own.

Here are a few other interesting stories and anecdotes from this fascinating interview with Diamantidis: 

  • How some life decisions come down to snow versus palm trees
  • About how budding computer programmers in Greece used to share their code through a print magazine—our younger audience might find that hard to believe
  • What Jurassic Park, US President Bill Clinton, and Stelios’ early dreams have in common
  • It’s not really what you miss, but what you don't know you miss

There is much more, so go listen for yourself! 


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Meet Stelios Diamantidis

Stelios is a Distinguished Architect at Synopsys, where he heads Synopsys' AI Solutions team in the Office of the President. In this role, Stelios oversees research on innovative machine-learning (ML) technology and its application to address systemic complexity in the design and manufacturing of integrated computational systems. 



In 2020, Stelios launched, the world’s first autonomous AI application for chip Design Space Optimization. has been adopted by 7 of the top 10 semiconductor companies worldwide and has scaled well past 100 commercial tape-outs. 

Stelios has over 20 years of experience in chip design and EDA software. He began his career at the legendary Silicon Graphics, Inc., where he worked on servers and supercomputers. He later founded two companies in the chip design and EDA industry: Globetech and TESLA Design Automation.

Stelios received a B.S. in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Kent and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, where he studied network systems and distributed systems.