Oliver Dial CTO of Quantum Oliver is well known for his work in coherence, gate fidelity and increasing yield for large superconducting quantum processors, as well as for groundbreaking results in semiconductor singlet-triplet qubits and quantum Hall experiments. His broad quantum physics background and keen interest in developing practical quantum systems helped shape the development of IBM's 20-qubit quantum processor, which was the world's most advanced of its time and started the device pipeline for IBM Quantum premium systems. Oliver led work to standardize how quantum experiments are run and recorded, ultimately forming the basis of IBM's quantum backend code. His leadership in external quantum computing programs is widely recognized, and he is regarded as IBM's trusted voice on quantum hardware research.

Quantum Computing: Sci-Fi Technology Requires Real-World Engineering

In partnership with IBM Quantum

A decade after demonstrating the first entanglement of semiconducting spin quantum bits, or qubits, Oliver Dial is now the CTO at IBM Quantum, where he is designing the most advanced quantum computers in the world. Dial joins us to provide insights into the hardware challenges of building quantum ICs, operating systems at cryogenic temperatures, and where quantum computing goes from here.

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