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Kaushal Vora Sr. Director of Business Acceleration & Ecosystem Kaushal Vora is Senior Director for Business Acceleration & Global Ecosystem at Renesas Electronics. With over 15 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, Kaushal has worked in several technology areas including healthcare, telecom infrastructure, and solid-state lighting. At Renesas, he leads a global team responsible for defining and developing IoT solutions for the company’s microcontroller & microprocessor product lines with a focus on AI & ML, Cybersecurity, Functional Safety, and connectivity among other areas. Kaushal has an MSEE from the University of Southern California.

The Powerful Convergence of AI & IoT

In partnership with Renesas Electronics
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Large language models like ChatGPT are disrupting every industry. This will certainly fuel growth for semiconductors driven by infrastructure buildout to support new applications and training workloads. Equally fascinating is what’s happening at the extreme edge. Highly efficient compute paired with efficient AI acceleration fabrics and NPUs, are driving a shift to a more distributed intelligence architecture for the IoT. Being able to handle inferencing independently at the edge has several benefits and we can soon expect endpoints becoming capable of independently learning at the edge. With a staggering 73.1 ZB of data expected to be generated by IoT devices in 2025 as per IDC research we are entering a disruptive era of business transformation built around the convergence of AI and IoT.

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