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Upcoming Events
October 2 @ 10:00 am America/Denver
GaN Revolution: Using GaN Technology for High Efficiency in Low to Medium Power Applications
Jared Quenzer Applications Engineer Jared Quenzer is an "Applications Engineer" at Wurth Electronics with experience designing magnetics (transformers, inductors and common mode chokes) used primarily in switched-mode power…
Ivan Ivanov Applications Engineer Ivan is an Applications Engineer specializing in low to medium power AC to DC converters. He has been with STMicroelectronics since 2012. A large part of his work is centered around…
October 4 @ 4:00 am America/Denver
The Cable Harness, a Permanent Annoyance - That Does Not Have to Be!
Dr. Heinz Zenkner Technical Marketing and Application Engineering Dr.-Ing. Heinz Zenkner works at Würth Elektronik in the areas of Technical Marketing and Application Engineering and lectures in the field of EMC at the Technical Academy. At the same time…
October 5 @ 11:00 am America/Denver
Usable Inductance – Exploring the Frontiers with Simulation Platform RedExpert
George Slama Senior Application and Content Engineer George Slama has been designing and working with transformers over his entire 40+ year career. His design experience extends from milliwatt audio and telecom transformers to ferro-resonant,…