Roger Bohannan First to create, define and develop miniaturization solutions in Silicon Valley for the microelectronics embedded in implantable medical devices. The original chip scale package solutions made their debut in Saint Jude Medical’s defibrillators and pacemakers. After this debut, created the initial size and weight reduction strategies for the entire market, while supporting enhanced functionality and reduced power consumption. Over 20 years of expertise providing engineered solutions, components and multi-functioning modules supporting medical market development and business development in the medical segment. Still a knowledge leader today, supporting IoMT motion and activity detection for connected and active medical devices. An innovator experienced in helping define the next generation of engineered micro miniaturization solutions for the emerging medical device connected evolution.
Adam Krol Over 14 years of experience within the switch manufacturing industry, providing commercial and technical support for standard and customized switching solutions. His current focus is the IoT market within Medical devices, offering expertise in supporting new device designs requiring high precision switches for connected technologies.

Data Collection Demands from 5G/IoT/IoMT Connected Medical Devices


The AI-5G-IoT-IoMT and connected device world is gaining traction in a wide range of markets including medical, industrial, automotive, aerospace and high-end consumer. This will continue as AI, block chain, and smart applications combine new disruptive digital services with cost savings.

As smart devices gain more acceptance, the medical segment is experiencing similar impactful transformations as are other industries. The difference with the medical segment is the starting point. Many medical devices are transitioning from passive devices to active devices or unconnected to connected. That requires battery power, electrical circuitry, connectivity, and data collection demands in devices for the first time. These data collection demands are typically supported by innovative electromechanical controls or switches.

In this webinar, Editor-in-Chief Kate Smith, Medical Segment Global Market Development Leader Roger Bohannan, and Medical Segment Global Business Development Manager Adam Krol will discuss unique demands and opportunities that are driving the connected medical marketplace revolution.

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