Application Notes

Engineering Guidelines for SDP3x Differential Pressure Sensor Integration

September 04, 2020 by Digi-Key

This application note gives advice and guidelines for engineers integrating an SDP3x sensor into their product, to make sure that the sensor can unfold its full performance after being placed in an application.

The world's smallest differential pressure sensor SDP3x measures only 5mm x 8mm x 5mm, opening up new dimensions of integration and application possibilities. The sensor is based on the next generation of the CMOSens® chip, which is the heart of Sensirion's new sensor platform for measuring differential pressure and mass flow.

The small size offers new prospects for applications with differential pressure sensors. To ensure the best performance, it is important that a few simple recommendations are taken into account when designing a product using SDP3x. This application note will give advice about how to design the manifold or flow channel in order to ensure a tight but stress-free connection with the sensor.