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IoT Home Automation Evaluation Kit

August 30, 2020 by Digi-Key Electronics

The Digi-Key IOT-HOME-KIT-ND kit is an evaluation kit that utilizes Microchip Technology's AVR-IoT WG development board, MikroElektronika’s MIKROE-1926 Stepper 2 Click Board, and Adafruit’s 324 stepper motor that enables rapid prototype development for Smart IoT home applications.

The AVR-IoT WG development board combines a powerful 8-bit ATmega4808 MCU, an ATECC608A CryptoAuthentication™ secure element IC, and the fully certified ATWINC1510 Wi-Fi network controller, which provides the most simple and effective way to connect your embedded application to Google’s Cloud IoT core platform. The board also includes an on-board debugger and requires no external hardware to program and debug the MCU.



The MCU comes preloaded with a firmware image that enables users to quickly connect and send data to the Google Cloud IoT platform using the onboard temperature and light sensors. Once ready to build a custom design, it is easy to generate code using the free software libraries in Atmel START or MPLAB code configurator (MCC). The AVR-IoT board is supported by two award-winning integrated development environments (IDEs) - Atmel Studio and Microchip MPLAB® X IDE - providing the freedom to innovate with the environment of choice.