Industry's Lowest Current-Voltage 2-Wire Inductive Proximity Sensor [3 µA, +2.3V]

September 03, 2020 by Dove Electronics

Mercury United Electronics, Inc. announces the release of their new True-Off™ Series (M18M2) 2-Wire Inductive Proximity Sensors.

The True-Off™ Series is the industry’s lowest operating current and voltage 2-wire Inductive Proximity Sensor.

This True-Off™ Series utilizes the patented Mirow Brand Sensors technology to operate at the industry’s lowest off-state leakage current (residual current) level of 3 µA (typ.) and the lowest “on”voltage level of +2.3V, making it ideal for low current portable/battery operated applications. A short YouTube video demonstrating the performance advantages can be viewed at the following link: https://youtu.be/d7wlVLCkx8M.

The low minimum operating voltage of +2.3V also makes this sensor directly compatible with most types of computers for portable robotics, motor controls, and automation. This sensor provides excellent results with difficult-to-detect objects that use aluminum or copper metals. 



  • Ultra-low off-state leakage current: 5 µA max.
  • Ultra-low on-state holding current: 20 µA min. 
  • Low minimum operating voltage: +2.3V min.


Additional information and datasheets can be found at: