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How Hybrid Supercapacitors Combine Proprietary Materials for Greater Energy Density and Cycle Lifetimes

September 01, 2020 by Eaton Electronic Components

Check out how Eaton's pitting their hybrid supercapacitors against lithium-ion batteries and standard supercapacitors, especially for industrial, energy, and computing applications.

With the ever-increasing need for reliable power in industrial, energy, and computing applications, the use of portable energy storage has become more commonplace than ever. Lithium batteries, a once-ubiquitous energy storage solution, are rapidly giving way to the more reliable, efficient, and long-lasting supercapacitors (aka “ultracapacitors”).

Key drivers of this market are the fast charging capabilities, temperature stability, flexibility, and longevity of supercapacitors. Supercapacitors deliver hundreds of thousands of charge/discharge cycles, compared to only hundreds (or a few thousand) in lithium-ion batteries. Moreover, supercapacitors pose zero thermal runaway risk over a wide range of temperatures, making them inherently safer than batteries.