Jason Lee Jason Lee is a global product manager at Eaton in the Electronics Division and is responsible for leading its supercapacitor products. Prior to joining Eaton, he has held leadership positions in energy storage, power systems and semiconductor companies. Lee has been in the forefront of the supercapacitor market. He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of California and an MBA from Northwestern University.

How Increasing Energy Density Requirements Demand the Evolution of the Hybrid Supercapacitor

From electric vehicles and server farms to smart metering and industrial controllers, the requirements are ultimately the same. Power systems need better energy efficiency, increased longevity, and smaller footprints while reducing long-term system costs.

In this webinar, Global Product Manager for Eaton's Electronics Division Jason Lee will discuss how supercapacitors are evolving to address these requirements and how hybrid supercapacitors achieve 10x the energy density of standard supercapacitors.

Key points of this presentation include:

  • When designers should consider supercapacitors over batteries for their power needs
  • An exploration of the power demands associated with popular applications
  • The importance of improving energy density in modern design
  • The crucial role that reducing self-discharge and leakage current plays in efficient power systems
  • Design considerations—including cost and voltage specifications—for utilizing hybrid supercapacitors


Who Should Attend?

Whether you need a standalone energy storage solution or a reliable backup that won't drain the battery in your IoT device, engineers looking to enhance system performance and diversify your repertoire of solutions should prioritize this presentation.

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