Patrick Durand With over 16 years experience, Patrick leads the FLS Technical Marketing teams and FLS laboratory teams located in multiple regions around the world with the objective of providing world-class support to lighting OEMs in developing luminaires with the latest SSL technology from the light source to the complete system incorporating the LED driver, optic, thermal management and intelligent control solutions. He works with vendors of emerging technologies Develop and help broad adoption in the lighting market. He has developed a suite of award winning online design tools to help lighting OEMs reduce time and cost to market.

Leveraging UV LEDs to Stop COVID-19 and Other Pathogens

The demand for UV LEDs has exploded recently.  The reason is simple: it can kill COVID-19 in within 30 seconds.  OEMs are now determined to develop products that will help everyone to live in a cleaner and safer environment, whether in an office, on plane/train/bus/taxi, in a hospital or elsewhere.

In this webinar, Future Electronics will examine various products (UV LEDs, UV LED boards, UV optics, UV sensors, occupancy sensors), the system solutions and simulation tools to help answer the very basic questions that our customers are asking: how many LEDs are required to target and destroy known pathogens?

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