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Chips for Functionally Safe and Robust Traction Battery Systems

August 31, 2020 by Infineon Technologies

In electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, the Li-ion battery is one of the biggest cost factors. Therefore, its capacity must be fully exploited. Battery management systems play an essential role as the central element for monitoring and control. Infineon has now developed a new device for this purpose.

The electrification of the automotive powertrain will increase sharply over the next few years. In addition to full and mild hybrid vehicles, especially battery-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles will shape the streets much more than today. Because these vehicles have low or no local carbon dioxide emissions, manufacturers increasingly rely on their sales to meet strict CO2 emission targets. Depending on the level of electrification, these vehicles implement differently sized batteries as energy storage for the drive. 

In all electric vehicles, the battery is a major cost driver, and price-wise, electric vehicles compete with combustion engine vehicles. Therefore, the battery management system must ensure that the capacity of the installed battery is fully utilized in order to keep the battery size that is required for a given range as small as possible.