Infineon Smart Building Solutions: How to Enable Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring for HVACR Devices

Predictive maintenance is one of the most valuable aspects of modern smart buildings. HVACR devices in particular are crucial for buildings and their operations as malfunctions can cause severe problems and costs. Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance ensure HVACR devices work properly and help provide next-level maintenance.

But how do you go from needing predictive maintenance for an HVACR application to implementing the necessary hardware and firmware?

In order to supply a system designer with that condition data through a slick interface, an engineer on the back end must first determine how to accomplish several tasks:

  • Select the necessary network of sensors
  • Process the data from these sensors via embedded processing
  • Implement machine learning for predictive maintenance
  • Connect the system to the IoT
  • Secure the system

In this webinar, Infineon explores how sensors and semiconductor solutions enable condition monitoring and predictive maintenance critical for design engineers' end-to-end solutions, exploring how example architectures and security considerations affect the next generation of design engineers.

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