How to Leverage eSIM Standards Evolution for a Business Model Revolution


The adoption of eSIM functionality into the next generation of devices and machines is poised to unleash significant pent-up value from global IoT deployments. It could also radically change vendor relationships and go-to-market partnerships between Enterprises, vertical solution providers, OEMs and mobile operators, further accelerating a shift to a wide variety of “” models.  Embedded cellular network access, designed in at the time of manufacture, will enable things to be born connected – to simplify IoT deployments and more quickly realize the benefits of connected solutions.  However, there are technical and business model challenges that remain before the industry can fully achieve the potential that eSIM-based cellular access promises.

Watch this Infineon and Tata Communications on-demand webinar to learn more about the challenges of leveraging eSIM connectivity for efficient, secured global IoT solutions.


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