Why Use an eSIM Instead of a Regular SIM in a Cellular Device Design?

For almost 30 years, the SIM card has enabled several billions of devices to securely connect to a cellular network. Now it is time to consider the eSIM, which provides much more flexibility to OEMs and system integrators. Yet the adoption curve has failed to meet expectations thus far (with only 400 million or so units deployed to date).

The notion that eSIM design is more complex than that of SIM is flawed and is largely fed by legacy ecosystem business models as the technology, the product, the required assembly and manufacturing process is a given. This webinar will demystify the complexity and showcase the benefits of eSIMs, spanning everything from R&D and manufacturing through additional embedded functionality to security and TCO.

The presentation will also show how they increase service enablement flexibility and global management capabilities so OEMs and system integrators can offer their customers a better service all round. In order to capitalize on these benefits, the post-launch service deployment business model must support the dynamic ecosystem that your customers require.

Watch this Infineon and Tata Communications on-demand webinar to learn more about why to use an eSIM instead of a regular SIM in a cellular device design


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