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Peltier Cooling for Electronic Sensors

September 03, 2020 by Laird Thermal Systems

Learn about the sensors and applications that benefit from thermoelectric coolers in harsh, high-temperature environments to optimize performance and ensure long term reliability.

Sensors are playing a key role in the evolution of smart technology. From smart homes to smart cars and smart manufacturing, modern sensor technology offers designers more functionality and…

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    JACKET002 September 03, 2020

    Machine vision is the replacement of human examination, assessment and decision-making with video hardware and software systems. The technology is often used for vision inspection, quality control, robotics, wire bonding and down-hole applications where machine vision systems obtain data from analyzing images of a specific process or activity. In addition to inspection systems, machine vision technology is enabling sophisticated object detection, recognition and collision avoidance systems for next-generation autonomous vehicles, drones and robotics. Machine vision also plays a role in many artificial intelligence and machine learning applications such as facial recognition.

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