Greg Ducharme Greg Ducharme is the product director for the liquid cooling systems product area at Laird Thermal Systems. Prior to joining LTS, Greg has been involved in sales, engineering and project management of thermal solutions for the medical, analytical and industrial market segments. In these roles, he has gained valuable business, operations and technical experience in working with demanding global companies. For over 20 years he has been closely involved in delivering engineered and configured to order products for customer applications. Greg holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire and a Bachelor of Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA, USA.
Andrew Dereka Andrew Dereka is the product director for the thermoelectric cooler and thermoelectric cooler assemblies product lines at Laird Thermal Systems.

Precise Thermal Management for Temperature Critical Applications


In virtually every industry, every market and every application, electronics product and system design engineers are facing next generation demands for increased functionality, greater performance, lower power consumption, reduced package size, and extended performance with maximum uptime. With increasing capacity in a smaller footprint, this can only lead to one thing: an increasing number of thermal challenges in temperature critical applications.

Thermoelectric coolers are solid-state heat pumps with no moving parts, fluids or gasses. Utilizing the Peltier Effect to move heat away from sensitive electronics, thermoelectric coolers offer an efficient cooling system for a wide range of applications with cooling capacity requirements of more than 300 Watts. Also referred to as Peltier coolers, these relatively small devices are designed with size, efficiency, low power requirement, cost and reliability in mind. With thermoelectric coolers at their core, thermoelectric cooler assemblies combine Peltier cooling technology and heat transfer mechanisms in a compact unit to stabilize the temperature of sensitive electronic components or to cool devices, chambers, and enclosures below ambient temperatures. With the ability to heat or cool in the same device, thermoelectric cooling assemblies, when combined with temperature controllers, can deliver precise temperature control for a wide variety of medical, analytical, telecom and industrial applications.

Compressor-based recirculating chillers with integrated temperature control offer an advanced thermal management solution to keep critical laboratory and manufacturing equipment at optimum temperatures for proper operation and performance. However, because of new industry restrictions on hazardous refrigerants central in traditional chiller technology, users now require a more environmentally friendly, efficient and maintenance-free chiller solution. Applications commonly affected by these design requirements are in the medical, analytical, industrial, R&D, university and some commercial marketplaces. These applications require precise and reliable cooling well below ambient temperature, dissipating heat away from thermally sensitive components and equipment. 

In this webinar, Editor-in-Chief Kate Smith and Laird Thermal Systems’ Product Directors Andrew Dereka and Greg Ducharme will discuss the latest in thermal management technology and how you can select the best thermal solution for your application.


People who should attend include: 

  • R&D management, thermal R&D engineers
  • Design engineers, hardware engineers, mechanical engineers, engineering management
  • Purchasing/procurement professionals

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